Prodigal Pieces Digital Gift Certificate

Purchase a digital gift card | store credit for you or someone else to use here at ProdigalPieces.com.

Choose an amount and quantity then click Add to cart. If you choose a quantity greater than just one, you will send the amount entered to that many people.

Example: if you choose $100 and add 2 to your cart, at checkout, after payment a form will appear for you to put in the email address of each recipient to receive $100 along with a personal message that will accompany the email that they will receive.

Read below for more details.

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Store Credit/Digital Gift Certificates are stored in the persons account here at ProdigalPieces.com and can be used for any item in the shop. Store credit will also be applied to shipping (if required).

Purchase for yourself or gift to someone else: Login to your account here if you have one before purchasing (if you do not have one, you will be prompted to create one). Enter the amount and quantity then click Add to cart. You will be prompted to keep the credit for yourself or to gift it to someone else’s e-mail address. Add a personal message to them.

After the completed purchase: Each recipient will receive email confirmation and store credit in their account. Store credit may be found under the Coupons tab in Your Account. You will see a coupon with the amount and coupon code. Simply click on the coupon and it will add it to your purchase when you are ready to use it. You can always remove the coupon from your purchase before payment if you want to save it for a different purchase.


Confirmation emails are sent with actual clickable coupons. Αlso, they will receive a coupon code that can be copied and pasted. The codes and coupons are unique to each order.

If you have questions, please contact me.


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